Strait guy coaxed into sucking dick

Ken found himself back at my Rianna's place after they met at the bar. He is totally strait but is coaxed into sucking cock. Just lick my balls a bit. Rianna encourages Ken in a sweet gentle voice.

House Boy Interview. Piss test.

You have been lucky enough to be selected for a second interview. This is when the demanding stuff starts. Are you ready to drink all your Goddess's warm nectar. Lick the tip as the pre cum drips as she anticipates filling your mouth with her juices!

Under her spell.

Everything about Goddess Rianna hypnotizes you. You find yourself lying awake at night thinking about her. She knows it. Listen to her work her magic as she strokes her cock to a eruptive slow motion climax.

White body stocking dripping with oil.

I was out shopping for Halloween supplies and I came across this white body stocking. I couldn't resist the idea of pouring baby oil all over it. Seeing if it would become transparent. The thought of ripping it off my body and pulling my tits and cock through was intoxicating. Having more than my hands worshiping my body during a scene like this is definitely on the menu. I think i will be doing more tearing fetish videos in the future.

Piss thirsty slave

Goddess Rianna has been training her slave johnny. He is learning his place and practicing his daily tasks. Drinking her fluids solidifies his commitment to her joy. Today your Goddess is a tad dehydrated and her nectar is bright golden and warm. Imagine how it feels sliding, slipping, dripping on your flesh as you jerk your cock with delight.


Caught jerking off to Goddess Rianna's panties. This slave gets punished for his bad behavior. He gets to smell the panties from his gagged mouth as his Goddess punishes his cock and balls. She gets great joy from his cum hitting his face. What a shot!

Hot bath, foot worship and prostate orgasms

Goddess Rianna loves to have luxurious baths and truly enjoys being spoiled. Suck her toes as she baths and be ready to lick up her cum. Your down on your knees worshiping her feet as she rides an others cock and milks her prostate while telling you how she does it. If you pay close attention to her, you could learn to cum just like her one day.

House Boy Interview

Your interview day has finally arrived. If you land thins coveted position your training will start with cock. The rewards for being a good house boy will be beyond your wildest dreams. A cage to sleep in, ass to worship, and daily training. This is what you desire.

Boot worship and spit

Rianna took some time away from Domination. Now she is back. Boots have always been a hot topic for her. Get a close look at her well worn boots and lick them clean. They have had plenty of dungeon time and as you know been covered in plenty of juices.

Staci Miguire and Rianna James Morning fun!

Staci and Rianna had just met. In the morning they decided to have some play time and cum on each others titties. A playful scene of oral and mutual masturbation.

Big long ropes

Stoke along with Rianna as she stands over you. See if you can cum at the same time while catching the huge ropes of cum in your waiting mouth.

Boots and sparkles

For all the boys with a love for thigh high boots. Does this rev you up? Watching me stoke my cock in the kitchen with patent boots on. While your down there why don't you lick my cum off the floor!

Text play with an adoring fan

One of my admirers loves playing via text. He has no desire for video calls. I think he enjoys creating the fantasy in his mind as we talk about naughty things. It did however excite him when I suggested filming it.

SPH Rianna services this big cock and humiliates you.

While Rianna services this big cock, she humiliates you as you watch. How long can you last stroking your tiny penis as she works this cock. You can only dream of pleasuring her!

Oral Servitude and CBT

slave d is back again for more Cock and Ball Torture. CBT really gets Ms Rianna in the mood to spoil a slave with her cock. Listen to his moans of pleasure as she punishes his cock. She forces her cock into his mouth and paints his latex mask with cum.

Nice Cock. You wanna Fuck?

Rianna has been friends with Christopher Lonsdale for a while. Just recently she realized he has a sizeable cock. She asked him how he felt about porn. He said he didn't want any notoriety so they decided showing his face wasn't really necessary. I am sure you guys will agree. More scenes from the shoulders down are in order.

Servicing step Mom's cock. Featuring Skylar Adams

After finishing up the dishes Skylar has some more work to do in order to pay her step mom back from an expensive shopping trip. Watch step Mom's cum flow out of little Sky's mouth,

Cuckold Boyfriend Forced to Watch

You tried to pick up Rianna James at the bar. You had no idea she already knew your girlfriend. They connected via text and formulated a plan. To tie you up, force you to watch and make you clean up the mess.

Her Introduction To Latex Part 2. Featuring Skylar Adams

Rianna James and Skylar Adams continue to get acquainted in part 2 of this scene. The feel of the latex and oil on their skin creates many steamy moments.

Gamer girls. A playful story.

Ms Sinstress aka Latex Gamer is a big video game enthusiast. Rianna.. not so much! In this playful scene Rianna James has other ideas in mind to occupy their time. Gaming is not her jam. She taunts and pesters Sindy until she puts the controller down and they fuck as the game sits idle.